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Before you invest, you should review the Investment Funds Description - P Series for detailed information about the funds and their risks, as well as fund-specific information detailing each fund’s investment objective, risks, performance, fees and more.

View our I Series of funds for institutional investors.

  • Access to equities, bonds and other diversifying investments through a series of Wespath funds
  • Can provide current income and long-term investment growth

Our Fund:

  • Access to shares (stocks) of U.S. and global companies across various sectors
  • Active and passive investment strategies
  • Can provide long-term investment growth

Our Funds:

  • Access to U.S. and global corporate and government fixed income (debt)
  • Active and passive investment strategies
  • Can provide current income, inflation protection, and liquidity

Our Funds:

* This fund is only available to plan sponsors and other institutional investors approved by Wespath under exceptional circumstances.

  • Equity and Fixed Income funds for investors with a heightened focus on corporate environmental and social performance
  • Provides asset class diversification and inflation protection

Our Funds: