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Help your employees plan for the unexpected in life and prepare a safety net for their families. UMLifeOptions provides an extra layer of financial protection with optional accidental death, long-term disability and life insurance coverage for eligible United Methodist clergy and lay employees.

Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP)
A UMC-affiliated salary-paying unit can sponsor the CPP for clergy who meet the eligibility requirements of full-time episcopal appointment. Plan sponsors can also elect to cover three-quarter time clergy. Other eligibility rules may apply. The CPP is administered by Wespath and includes death benefits, supplemental benefits for surviving spouses, educational benefits for surviving dependent children, and long-term disability benefits. Learn more about CPP.

Local churches and other UMC-affiliated organizations can adopt any or all UMLifeOptions plans, which are fully insured and underwritten by Unum Insurance Company (Unum).

UMLifeOptions Long-Term Disabillity Plan provides disability benefits for active clergy not eligible for the CPP and eligible active lay employees. LTD coverage can be elected on its own or in combination with life insurance. Learn more.

UMLifeOptions Life Insurance Plan provides life insurance benefits for clergy not eligible for CPP and for lay participants. Retiree coverage may be available for eligible participants. Life insurance coverage can be elected on its own or in combination with the UMLifeOptions Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage. Learn more.

The Clergy Supplemental Life Insurance Plan, which is additional coverage beyond the CPP death benefit, provides life insurance coverage for eligible active and retired clergy who are currently enrolled in CPP. Learn more.

UMLifeOptions Optional Life Insurance Plan gives eligible clergy and lay employees the option to purchase additional life insurance coverage. By sponsoring the UMLifeOptions Life Insurance Plan for life coverage, plan sponsors automatically sponsor the Optional Life Insurance Plan for enrolled employees.

Organizations that sponsor CPP for eligible clergy can offer the Optional Life Insurance Plan in conjunction with the Clergy Supplemental Life Insurance Plan or on its own. Learn more.

See all the UMLifeOptions here.

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