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Benefits Access

What does your retirement future look like? Visit benefitsaccess.org to get the full picture of your benefits:

  • Benefits Snapshot — See where you stand today with account balances, transaction history, investment returns, investment allocations and more.
  • Retirement Projections — Estimate your retirement income and learn how to improve your future finances.
  • Investment Management — Choose how you want to invest your current account balance(s) or future contributions, or automate your investment selections and account rebalancing with LifeStage Investment Management. 
  • Retirement Distributions — Determine your retirement plan withdrawals/distributions and review options for automating your plan distributions in LifeStage Retirement Income.
  • Information Updates – Update your account beneficiaries and personal contact information.
  • Financial Education — Learn more about ways to get on track to reach your financial goals.
  • Resources — Find forms and documents for your Wespath-administered investments, retirement plans and benefit programs.
  • Hardship Loan Application - Learn how to apply for a hardship loan

How to Find Your Participant Number

You can find your participant number in Benefits Access— from the Retirement details page go to Profile > Personal Information Summary.

How to Change Your Bank Information for Distributions and Annuity Payments

To change your bank information log in to benefitsaccess.org— on the Retirement details page click Distributions > Annuity Direct Deposit & Tax Information.

Account Registration

Registering for Benefits Access is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to benefitsaccess.org.
  2. Choose “New User Registration” and follow the prompts.
  3. You’ll get a success message and may proceed to the Benefits Access homepage.

Need help? Check out our Benefits Access Navigation Guide.

BenefitsAccess.org Updates

This video discusses benefitsaccess.org, including the website's design and phone responsive display capabilities.