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As a fiduciary, Wespath acts in the best interests of our investors and makes a conscious effort to manage our investment program in a manner consistent with the principles of The United Methodist Church. We place a high priority on providing professional investment management and implementing best practices geared toward achieving positive financial results.

Our investment philosophy is reflected in several key areas:

Long-Term Perspective

Wespath is dedicated to caring for those who serve—past, present and for generations to come. Our commitment to our investors extends decades into the future, and it is our fiduciary duty to have an investment philosophy that reflects this long-term view. We avoid shortsighted pursuits of quarterly results, looking instead for above-benchmark performance and low risk over extended time periods.


Wespath’s investing approach provides global diversification through our multi-manager funds. Our selection of high-quality, well-managed funds allows for broadly diversified portfolios across asset classes, styles and strategies.

Active Management

We believe carefully selected active managers add value in less efficient markets through long-term strategic asset allocation decisions and fund construction. Our process is designed to identify investment managers who have demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver competitive results.


Our investment process proactively incorporates the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions across asset classes and in the selection of external asset managers. We understand the risks and opportunities facing investors in our changing world, and we seek to implement sustainable investment activities that will positively influence long-term performance.

Investment Beliefs

Our investment approach is grounded on a core set of Investment Beliefs.

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