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Wespath’s top-most priorities are:

  • Caring for those who serve around the globe—now and in future generations
  • Assuring long-term sustainability of benefits for those who serve
  • Serving the UMC and any new expressions of Methodism that may emerge
  • Helping United Methodist-related institutional clients meet their investment and mission objectives, while honoring the values of the UMC
  • Sustainable investing that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and Church values into our investment strategies

For General Conference, Wespath’s legislative focus includes:

  • Benefit plans designed for the future (U.S. plans)
  • Book of Discipline updates
  • More efficient governance for Wespath
  • More efficient governance of U.S. clergy plans and policies
  • Flexibility to adapt to potential restructuring across the denomination


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Plan Changes Plan Changes
New Retirement Plan

Discipline 1504.1—Compass Retirement Plan

Discipline 1504.1—Clergy Retirement Security Program Amendments

Discipline 1504.1—Mandatory Plans and New Clergy Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

Discipline 1504.1—Comprehensive Protection Plan Amendments

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Wespath Governance Wespath Governance

Discipline 1501—GBPHB-Wespath Name

Discipline 1502.1—GBPHB Membership (Wespath Board of Directors)

Discipline ¶1502.3—Wespath Meetings

Discipline ¶1502.4—Wespath Committees

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Wespath Services Wespath Services

Discipline 1504.2—Wespath Voluntary Benefit Plans

Discipline 1504.16—Wespath Institutional Investors

Discipline 1504.20—Central Conference Pensions

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Church Investment Ethics Church Investment Ethics

Discipline 717—Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investments               

New Discipline 718—Investment Management Services                

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Contingency Planning Planning for Potential Contingencies

New Discipline ¶2555—Pensions Matters for Disaffiliation by U.S. Annual Conferences or Groups of Local Churches

Discipline ¶1504.1—Contingency Changes to Retirement Plan for General Agencies (RPGA)

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Other-Discipline-Updates Other Discipline Updates (Clarifications and Technical Changes)

New ¶640—Joint Distributing Committee Cross-Reference

¶715.4.d—General Agency Benefit Funding Plan Report

¶807.8—General Agency Property Reporting Exemptions

¶807.12.c—General Agency Pay Equity Reporting

¶1504.8—Cost Allocation of Mandatory Plans

¶1504.21—Health and Wellness Information

¶1505—General Agency Pension Credit

Other Discipline Updates (Move Discipline paragraphs about Conference Boards of Pensions to a more intuitive location in the Discipline: the ¶600s, Annual Conferences section, from the ¶1500s, Wespath section)

¶1506—Move Pension Duties and Responsibilities of Annual Conferences Discipline ¶1506 and ¶639

¶1507 and ¶639—Financing Pension and Benefit Programs

¶1508 and ¶639—Conference Pension Conflict of Interest Policies

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Legislative Collaborations Legislative Collaborations
Co-submitted with NAACT and AUMCPBO

¶615, 622, 639 and 818—Proportional Payment

Connectional Table Proposal for a U.S. Regional Conference

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