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Focus on How You Feel

The mind-body connection is powerful. Tending to your emotional well-being can help you feel better physically, and vice versa. Emotional well-being includes the ability to manage your feelings and related behaviors, cope effectively with stress and adapt to change. This dimension focuses on awareness and acceptance of stressors and feelings, both positive and negative.

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Take Care of Yourself

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, it’s OK to talk about it. Asking for guidance and support is the first step to feeling better.

  1. Talk to someone you trust—a friend, family member, church leader or colleague.
  2. Schedule a doctor visit—be open and honest about how you’re feeling.
  3. Connect with a counselor and other resources through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


EAP Assistance

There is a dedicated team at Optum Health that has been trained specifically for the HealthFlex EAP to assist United Methodist Church clergy members and their families. The dedicated team can be reached at 1-866-881-6800. The EAP also can be accessed through the Virgin Pulse app.

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Five Dimensions of Well-Being: