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Access and Manage Your Benefits

Connect to Benefits Access, the website where you can view and manage your Wespath retirement benefits.

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Retirement Plans

Get an overview of retirement plans for clergy and lay participants serving The United Methodist Church.

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Investment Information

Check on performance of Wespath funds and learn more about sustainable investing aligned with your values.

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Tax Information

Access tax forms and topics for participants and plan sponsors.

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Retirement and Investment Resources

Explore resources and tools designed to help you build a secure financial future.

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Benefit Bites Video Series

Short videos on Wespath's retirement plans and related topics.

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Planning Your Financial Future

Do you have a plan to reach your goals? The following services can help you make informed decisions about investing, retirement planning and more.

EY Financial Planning Services

Investing and financial planning guidance to help you stay on track by tackling debt, saving for retirement, managing investments, evaluating insurance needs and more.

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LifeStage Investment Management

Select a customized target investment mix based on your age, risk tolerance and other factors.

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LifeStage Retirement Income

Manage your monthly retirement account distributions based on your age, account balance, cost of living and other factors.

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