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Increasing your physical activity can make a big difference for your health—it can be as simple as going for a walk every day. Wespath offers the Virgin Pulse Physical Activity Program to help jump-start your fitness plan with interactive tools and rewards to help you stay on track.

Take Steps for Better Health

Staying motivated is often the biggest challenge with any fitness program. With Virgin Pulse, you receive an activity tracker to monitor your progress and earn points toward rewards. Wear the activity tracker and accrue steps when you walk, run, bike, play sports or take part in any physical activities you enjoy.

You can earn points for accumulating steps. The more points you accrue, the more Pulse Cash you earn. Depending on what your plan sponsor offers, Pulse Cash may be redeemed for a gift card, direct deposited into your bank account, donated to a charity or used to purchase items from the Virgin Pulse store.

Virgin Pulse works and has the results to support it.

How to Get Started

You can join Virgin Pulse if the program is included in the benefits package offered by your plan sponsor.

  • HealthFlex participants: Go to Virgin Pulse to set up your account.
  • Non-HealthFlex participants: Contact your conference office or Human Resources department for details on how to enroll.