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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are employer-provided plans covering a variety of support services around emotional well-being. EAPs offer confidential counseling and support to help manage issues in your personal or professional life that may impact your work, family and ministry.

EAP Benefits

EAPs provide counseling services and work/life services to help balance work and personal responsibilities. You can call your EAP for help with:

  • Conflict resolution at work
  • Emotional impact of living with a chronic or serious illness, or caring for an ailing family member
  • Finding child care or elder care in your community
  • Maintaining boundaries between professional life and personal life
  • Marital and family satisfaction
  • Legal matters, such as wills and adoption
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Substance abuse

HealthFlex EAP

All HealthFlex Plans offered by Wespath include an EAP provided by Optum Health. The Optum® Live and Work Well EAP can be accessed through the Virgin Pulse app, by phone and in-person by participants and dependents. HealthFlex provides eight free sessions per issue per family member per year. If you continue with counseling, after the eight free sessions, for the same issue, it is covered as noted in your health plan benefits booklet located on Wespath.org. You can also download the myLiveandworkwell mobile app to learn about EAP services and locate providers.

HealthFlex participants have access to Talkspace through the EAP. With Talkspace you can use your eight free EAP sessions to connect with a licensed therapist via text message or video chat. Learn more about Talkspace.

There is a dedicated team at Optum Health that has been trained specifically for the HealthFlex EAP to assist UMC members and their families.

How to Get Help

Services are confidential. Annual conferences and employers will not know if you choose to use the EAP.

  • HealthFlex EAP participants: Call Optum Health directly at 1-866-881-6800, or log in to the Virgin Pulse app.
  • Non-HealthFlex participants: Many UMC annual conferences provide EAPs through existing health plans or separately through independent network providers. Review your employee benefits for more information.