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The Central Conference Pensions (CCP) provide a steady source of retirement income for clergy and surviving spouses in the central conferences outside the United States. Pension plans are now in place across Africa, the Philippines, Europe and Asia, and they support more than 3,600 people in retirement. While Wespath administers the CCP funds, the program itself would not exist without the thousands of generous donors who have given over $27 million since the program’s inception.

What is the Central Conference Pension Program?

The Central Conference Pension program provides long-term retirement security for United Methodist clergy and their families in many Central Conferences across Africa, the Philippines and Europe.

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Learn About CCP and its History

CCP has improved the fortunes of retired clergy. “We continue to see retired pastors live healthier and longer—and with dignity,” the late Bishop John Yambasu said.

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Stories of Hope, Inspiration

"I survive on the pension I receive from Wespath," said a Kenyan pastor who has lost her eyesight. Like her, many pensioners personify perseverance.

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Your Donation Changes Lives

Continued generosity to CCP helps to ensure that the program can continue its support of retired clergy and their surviving spouses even during economic downturns.

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Donors in Their Own Words

"God has blessed me, and I feel that it's important to pass a portion of those gifts onto others," said the surviving spouse of one of CCP's principal architects.

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CCP Update Newsletter

Published twice a year, the newsletter shares the story of pension recipients, donors and program stewardship. E-mail [email protected] to receive the print or e-edition.

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2022 CCP Report

This report provides a snapshot of each individual pension plan, and more. The report is also available in French and Portuguese.

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