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Focus on Your Financial Security

If you feel stressed or insecure about your finances, it can be difficult to focus and be your best in your career and other areas of your life. Studies find that those who feel financially secure are more likely to be healthier than those who don’t feel they are in control of their finances. Keep in mind that being financially healthy isn’t about how much money you make, but rather how you manage what you have. This dimension focuses on attitudes toward money, building sound financial habits and using tools to effectively manage financial resources.

Smart Financial Moves

Start with the basics to build a solid foundation for your finances.

  1. Set aside money in an emergency savings account for unexpected expenses.
  2. Create a plan for paying off debt.
  3. Protect your family and your future with insurance coverage.
  4. Grow your savings by making regular contributions to your retirement plan.
  5. Talk to a financial professional at EY Financial Planning Services.


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Learn more about how to manage your finances with resources from Wespath.

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