The following Wespath funds are available to participants and plan sponsors. Please review the Investment Funds Description (IFD), the Fund Summary Prospectuses and if available, Supplements to the IFD, for additional information on the investment strategies and other pertinent details of Wespath funds.

Balanced Fund Our Fund
  • Access to equities, bonds and other diversifying investments through a series of Wespath funds
  • Can provide current income and long-term investment growth
Equity Funds Our Funds
  • Access to shares (stocks) of U.S. and global companies across various sectors
  • Active and passive investment strategies
  • Can provide long-term investment growth
Fixed Income Funds Our Funds
  • Access to U.S. and global corporate and government fixed income (debt)
  • Active and passive investment strategies
  • Can provide current income, inflation protection, liquidity
Social Values Choice Suite of Funds Our Funds
  • Equity and Fixed Income funds for investors with a heightened focus on corporate environmental and social performance
  • Provides asset class diversification, inflation protection


View our I Series of funds for institutional investors.

* These funds are only available to Annual Conferences and other institutional investors.

Prices (as of 10/18/2019)

Fund Price Change YTD
ETFIF $12.4032 0.07% 13.78%
FIF $32.2549 0.10% 9.31%
IPF $18.0293 0.14% 7.35%
IEF $37.7910 -0.31% 15.22%
MAF $33.2821 -0.24% 14.40%
STIF $12.8003 0.03% 2.21%
SVCBF $11.0115 0.09% 9.63%
SVCEF $14.2424 -0.32% 20.11%
USEF $44.9164 -0.51% 19.75%
USEIF $15.4374 -0.36% 20.37%
USTPF $10.8302 0.19% 7.73%



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