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Wespath Human Rights Guidelines and Management of Excessive Sustainability Risk

Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) is responding to concerns expressed by our participants and others regarding inaccurate reports about our rationale for excluding from investment the securities of five Israeli banks. Wespath is not divesting from Israel. We remain invested in more than 25 publicly-traded Israeli companies.

Our decision to exclude 39 companies from investment aligns with our comprehensive excessive sustainability risk policy approved by our Board of Directors in 2014 and implemented throughout 2015. The human rights guideline developed from this policy applies to 11 countries and three specific areas around the world, including the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territories. We integrated research from an independent and objective third party expert to identify the 39 companies subject to our guideline. More details and FAQs are on our website—they provide the intent and scope of our human rights guideline and the implementation results for 2015.

Our actions are aligned with resolutions adopted by The United Methodist Church General Conference in 2012.

For complete information and background, please read about our Human Rights Guideline:

— Updated on February 23, 2016

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