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Wespath Cares

Wespath's Positive Social Purpose (PSP) Lending Program has a long and distinguished history of investing in affordable housing and community development projects in the United States and in global microfinance opportunities. This series of videos spotlights the impact of the PSP program in Africa. 

Our series of Wespath Cares videos share the stories of the individuals who are positively impacted by the microfinance loans made available through our Positive Social Purpose Lending Program.

Wespath invested $1 million in a loan sponsored by Shared Interest, a non-profit organization based in New York that sources funds for Southern Africa’s economically disenfranchised communities to help low-income borrowers in the region sustain themselves and build equitable nations, several of their stories are featured below.

Meet Celeste - The Community Builder, Mozambique

Meet Zanele - The Co-op Farmer

Meet 80,000 Chickens and One Heavenly Community

Meet Anesan - The Job Creator

Meet the Women Battling Climate Change