Jul 06, 2015 hark-0001 Hark!—July 2015 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The July 2015 Hark! contains articles on the General Board becoming Wespath Benefits and Investments in 2016, annual retirement readiness statements and the Extended Term Fixed Income Fund.
May 14, 2015 hark-0001 Hark!—April 2015 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The April 2015 Hark! contains articles on LifeStage Investment Management Service innovation, personal contributions to Defined Contribution plans, and new guidelines addressing Human Rights and Climate Change.
May 13, 2015 how-to-read-89x89 How to Read Your Account Statement - Most Popular,Retirement - Your Wespath Benefits and Investments account statement is an important tool for monitoring your retirement. It is sent to you quarterly and summarizes your retirement accounts and investments. This guide explains each section of your account statement and answers some of the most common questions.
May 13, 2015 lifestage-89x89 LifeStage Investment Management Service and Retirement Income - General,Retirement,Investments,LifeStage -
Apr 03, 2015 4631-89x89 Sustainable Investing Report - General,Most Popular,Retirement,Investments,Sustainable Investment - Transforming Companies through Environmental, Social and Governance Best Practices.
Mar 10, 2015 hark-0001 Hark!—January 2015 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The January 2015 Hark! contains articles on having your affairs in order in the event you should die or become incapacitated, IRS contribution limits for 2015 and the General Board's new Equity Social Values Plus Fund (ESVPF).
Nov 10, 2014 hark-0001 Hark!—October 2014 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The October 2014 edition contains articles on retirement planning, a new investment fund in 2015, adjusting LifeStage investments and maintaining secure online accounts.
Jul 01, 2014 4699-89x89 Hark!—July 2014 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The July 2014 edition contains articles on asset allocation, EY Financial Planning Services, password protection and the Balanced Social Purpose Values Fund (BSPVF).
May 04, 2014 e-y-89x89 EY Financial Planning Services - General,Retirement,Investments - EY’s financial planners can provide confidential, objective guidance on making investment decisions, saving for retirement, managing debt, understanding tax issues, evaluating insurance needs and options, buying a home and more!
Apr 01, 2014 hark-04-14-89x89 Hark!—April 2014 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The April 2014 edition contains articles on Social Security, the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP), Socially Responsible Investing and other topics.
Feb 09, 2014 hark-89x89 Hark!—January 2014 - General,Most Popular,Hark,Retirement - The January 2014 edition contains articles on LifeStage Retirement Income, Wespath Investment Management, changes to MPP investments in LifeStage and other topics.
Oct 11, 2013 3641-89x89 Required Minimum Distributions - General,Retirement - This brochure summarizes RMD rules, how to evaluate your options and what you need to do to start receiving payments. Because Wespath Benefits and Investments cannot provide tax advice, we suggest that you consult with a financial planner, estate planner, tax adviser and/or attorney.
Oct 09, 2013 4494-89x89 EY Financial Planning Services Brochure - Most Popular,Retirement,LifeStage - When you invest toward retirement with Wespath Benefits and Investments, you enjoy the added-value benefit of confidential, professional help from EY at no charge.
Oct 01, 2013 mpp-annuity-89x89 Ministerial Pension Plan (MPP) Annuity Payout Rates - General,Retirement - Current sample payout rates; the payout rate is the portion of the amount being annuitized that is paid out each year.
Sep 23, 2013 3205-89x89 Horizon 401(k) Plan Summary Plan Description - Retirement - Planning for retirement is undoubtedly the most important long-range financial endeavor you’ll ever face. And saving for other long-range goals takes careful and persistent effort. The Horizon 401(k) Plan makes saving for the future convenient and tax efficient.
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