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Press Release: Wespath Announces Expansion of Social Values Choice Offerings

April 02, 2024

UMC general agency will offer new investment solutions with additional exclusions/screens

For Immediate Release

Contact: Julie Capozzi
Managing Director, Communications
(847) 866-4111
[email protected]

Glenview, IL—Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) is pleased to announce today the expansion of the Social Values Choice (SVC) suite of funds to institutional investors by the end of the year. In addition, Wespath will introduce an option for participants with defined contribution balances to invest in the SVC funds through LifeStage Investment Management, a tool that provides personalized allocations similar to target date funds. These enhancements aim to empower participants and organizations served by Wespath to align their investments more closely with their individual values.

The SVC funds provide investment options that adhere to heightened environmental and social investment criteria. The SVC funds do not invest in companies that derive a significant amount of revenue from involvement in the fossil fuels industry, or in certain companies subject to annual conference resolutions concerning peace in the Middle East. Like all investment funds offered by Wespath, the SVC funds consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to add value, manage risk and support alignment with The United Methodist Church’s values.

The Social Values Choice Bond Fund, an actively managed fixed income fund, and the Social Values Choice Equity Fund, a passively managed global equity fund, are currently offered to retirement-plan participants and plan sponsors. By the end of 2024, these funds will also be available to institutional investors, such as United Methodist foundations, senior living communities and higher education institutions.

Wespath will also enable participants to invest in the SVC suite of funds through Wespath’s LifeStage Investment Management (LifeStage). LifeStage creates a participant’s investment portfolio—and automatically adjusts it over time—based on personal factors like age and risk tolerance. Currently, LifeStage participants are not able to invest in the SVC suite of funds. Some accounts are required to use LifeStage. Only participants who choose to self-manage their Wespath investments can currently select these funds.

Wespath plans to add the SVC suite of funds to LifeStage at the same time the new proposed Compass retirement plan goes into effect, should the General Conference approve the plan. Wespath intends Compass to take effect on January 1, 2026. However, regardless of the outcome of General Conference, Wespath is committed to adding the SVC suite of funds as an option in LifeStage by early 2026. The SVC suite of funds will continue to be available for participants who would like to self-manage their investments.

"We understand United Methodists hold diverse perspectives on complex challenges like climate change, and we want to give our participants and institutional investors options that resonate most with their own values," Wespath General Secretary Andy Hendren said. "This solution empowers our customers with choices and is an inclusive approach for a United Methodist Church that is striving to welcome a diverse community."

You can read more about the SVC bond fund at and about the SVC equity fund at

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