Wellness Toolkits


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Educational resources to help you and those you care about achieve the best possible well-being. Find handouts, FAQs, e-mail communication pieces and more that you can print and share with your congregations or other groups. Look for additional topics coming soon!

Resiliency Toolkit

Wespath Resiliency Toolkit


Nutrition Toolkit


Men's Health Maintenance Handout
Stroke Awareness Handout
A Healthy Plate Handout
Recognizing and Coping with Stress Handout
Decrease Your Screen Time Handout

Decreasing Screen Time Toolkit

What is Screen Time?
How To Decrease Screen Time
Decreasing Screen Time Guidelines

Physical Activity Toolkit

Physical Activity Resources
Physical Activity FAQs
Understanding Physical Activity
Making It Work

Prediabetes Toolkit

Physical Activity Resource Kit

Prediabetes Frequently Asked Questions for Non-HealthFlex Participants
Prediabetes Frequently Asked Questions for HealthFlex Participants
Diabetes Prevention Resources
Reversing Prediabetes—Congregational Tips

Weight Watchers®

Weight Watchers® and the Five Dimensions of Well-Being

Tobacco Cessation Toolkit

Tobacco Cessation FAQs
Tobacco Cessation Resources
Tobacco Cessation Tips
Tobacco Cessation Resources Through HealthFlex

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