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The United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) is a 403(b) retirement savings plan offered by your employer and administered by Wespath to help you save money for retirement. UMPIP is designed to provide one piece of your overall retirement portfolio.

Who Can Participate?

This plan is available to employees of The United Methodist Church, General Agencies and other Church-related organizations that sponsor the plan. Contact your employer about eligibility requirements.

How Does UMPIP Work?

UMPIP is an individual account plan. This means you can make contributions as a percentage of your compensation through payroll deduction or in flat-dollar amounts up to Internal Revenue Code limits. You may choose to make before-tax, Roth and/or after-tax contributions through payroll deductions. In addition, your employer may contribute to your retirement account on your behalf. (Contribution rates may vary for each employer.)

You can invest your UMPIP account among Wespath funds or use LifeStage Investment Management to manage the investment of your account. Learn more about automatic features of UMPIP, how to elect or change UMPIP personal contributions and how to read your account statement.

How Can I Get Started?

Contact your plan sponsor to request a UMPIP Enrollment Kit. If your plan sponsor does not have a UMPIP Enrollment Kit, please contact us to request the kit. After you’re enrolled, you can access account information online through Benefits Access or call a Wespath representative at 1-800-851-2201.

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Personalize and Customize Your UMPIP: Q1 2023 Webinar

This 45-minute educational session provides an overview of UMPIP, a 403(b) retirement savings plan that you can personalize to align with your retirement income goals. Whatever your age, whatever your salary, you’ll learn how you can personalize UMPIP for your best future. Recorded March 21, 2023

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