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Elect or Change Your UMPIP Contributions

United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) participants wishing to increase their before-tax, Roth or after-tax contributions must complete a Contribution Election form and submit it to their payroll administrator. For guidance on how much to contribute to UMPIP to meet your retirement goals, visit Benefits Access or contact EY Financial Planning Services.

If you are not enrolled in UMPIP, follow these steps:

  1. Find out if your employer/salary-paying unit sponsors UMPIP.
    If you are with a local church, your UMPIP plan sponsor is normally that church; in some cases, however, especially for clergy, it could be the annual conference. If your employer/salary-paying unit does not sponsor UMPIP, encourage them to do so by asking them to request a UMPIP Adoption Kit from Wespath. There is no cost to the employer/salary-paying unit to sponsor the plan, and sponsorship makes it possible for you to make personal contributions and grow your retirement savings.

  2. Contact your plan sponsor to request a UMPIP Enrollment Kit.

  3. Complete, sign and return the enrollment kit forms.

  4. If you need assistance, call Wespath Benefits and Investments at 1-800-851-2201 and select option 1.