Webinars and Workshops

The Center for Health supports events for clergy, lay workers, plan sponsors and conference representatives, including health workshops, educational seminars and webinars.


Annual Conferences are encouraged to host self-care and health promotion events for clergy and lay workers, or to incorporate self-care and wellness presentations in existing events.

The Center for Health has provided workshop resources, instructional models and educational materials for several conferences and UMC entities hosting health-focused workshops and events. No need to start from scratch—contact the Center for Health at umc-centerforhealthinfo@wespath.org for assistance with workshop resources.

Tools for a Better Well-Being Webinars

The Tools for a Better Well-Being webinar series is an inter-agency collaboration between Center For Health and General Commission on the Status and Role of Women to provide church leaders tools to improve well-being and enhance vitality for mission and ministry. This webinar series will include four interactive webinars focusing on different topics. They will be held May through November of 2017. Click here for more information and to register.


The Center for Health has collaborated to create various educational webinars around health and wellness topics for the Church. Click on the links below to watch our webinars.

Healthy Families Webinar Series

  • Session 1: What Does it Mean to be a Family?
    This webinar helps participants discern the church's role in supporting family health.
  • Session 2: Five Dimensions of Health
    This webinar covers the five dimensions of health: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial.
  • Session 3: Nurturing Active Families
    This webinar focuses on how families can grow together through play, movement and healthy nutrition. Fun and creativity are crucial factors.
  • Session 4: Strengthening Families
    This webinar focuses on how role modeling is important for developing strong families and for family bonding.
  • Session 5: Experiencing God Together
    This webinar shares ways families can practice spiritual disciplines as they connect to God and each other.
  • Session 6: Tackling Challenges of Clergy Families
    This webinar looks at unique stresses for clergy families including sexism and racism, and how church can be supportive and demonstrate God’s love for families across many experiences.
  • Session 7: Finances: Setting Healthy Goals
    This interactive webinar examines how to nurture healthy giving, saving, and spending habits in your family and includes ideas for teaching children about money.

Clergy Health: What a DS Needs to Know

Clergy health continues to be an important issue in the UMC. This webinar highlights the current status of clergy health and shares the 13 clergy health factors that influence clergy health.
(Recorded November 19, 2014; 58 minutes)

Building a Health Ministry in Your Congregation Webinar

The UMC Health Ministry Network shares approaches for establishing a health ministry in your congregation. Learn how one congregation implemented a cancer support group to reach those affected by the disease but who don’t regularly attend church.
(Recorded September 19, 2013; 58 minutes)

Clergy Health: 2013 Survey Results and Considerations for the Local Church

Congregations can positively influence the health of clergy and lay workers. Learn strategies to address health-related challenges based on the results of the 2013 Clergy Health Survey.
(Recorded June 20, 2013; 31 minutes)

Online Retirement Education

Retirement Articles

The Center for Health has a series of articles called Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement. Topics include:

Online presentations explore issues clergy (and lay workers) face when preparing for retirement.

  1. Clergy: Looking Ahead to Retirement
    Overview of factors to consider when looking ahead to retirement.

  2. Saving for Retirement: United Methodist Personal Investment Plan
    Understand why a savings strategy is important and how saving/investing through the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) can help ensure an adequate retirement income.

Interagency and Seminary Events

Below are recent co-sponsored interagency and seminary events.

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