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Employee Assistance Program Overview

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are employer-provided health benefit or wellness programs covering a variety of support services around emotional health. EAPs help individuals manage issues that arise in their personal or professional lives that may impact their normal work or ministry duties. Many UMC annual conferences provide EAPs through existing health plans or separately through independent network providers. The HealthFlex plan offered by Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) includes an EAP.

Services Offered

EAPs can provide services for clergy, lay and their families, including:

  • In-person emotional health counseling
  • Work/Life services, which can help balance work and personal responsibilities, including information about day care for children, elder care for aging parents, research about local resources, legal, and financial assistance.

The Optum myLiveandWorkWell EAP now has a mobile app. Click here for directions on how to download the app to your smartphone so you can have EAP resources with you at all times.

Note: HIPAA regulations and stringent standards by EAP providers ensure privacy and confidentiality of services.

Video: How to Access Your Employee Assistance Program

EAP—An Underutilized Resource

Although EAPs are designed to help individuals proactively address concerns before they interfere with life, work or ministry, many unfortunately do not take advantage of this service. For example: in the HealthFlex population, more than 50% of individuals report “stress risk” on the annual health assessment, but historically, only 7% have used the EAP’s stress management and prevention services each year. The EAP can be like an “oil change” for your mental well-being—those with access to an EAP should use it to its full potential!

HealthFlex EAP Information

United Behavioral Health (UBH)* is the EAP provider for participants and spouses in the HealthFlex plan. The HealthFlex EAP can be accessed online, telephonically, and in-person; all at no cost to participants and dependents.

Call the EAP for help with:

  • conflict resolution at work
  • maintaining boundaries between professional life and personal life
  • marital and family satisfaction
  • financial strain, including household budgeting and paying off educational loans or other debts
  • settling into a new community and finding local resources, such as child care or elder care
  • emotional impact of living with a chronic or serious illness, or caring for an ailing family member
  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • legal matters, such as wills and adoption (one attorney consultation at no cost)

Services are confidential. Annual conferences and employers will not know if you choose to use the EAP.

Learn More

HealthFlex Participants: Log into the HealthFlex/WebMD website with your username and password. Click on My HealthFlex Benefits and select Counseling, Support resources (EAP). You do not need another password to link to this website from HealthFlex/WebMD. Or call UBH directly at 1-800-788-5614 with any questions.

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* Also known as OptumHealth.

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