UMPIP 3-Month 1% Challenge Success Stories

  1. “I’m already making the changes.”
    James P., Western North Carolina Annual Conference
  2. “I will be more mindful of incidental spending.”    
         Maggie H., Virginia Annual Conference
  3. “I’ll be tightening my belt.”
        Julie O., Western North Carolina Annual Conference
  4. “I’ll eat breakfast at home, have coffee from home, eat lunch from home and eat dinner at home...”
        Dawn G., Missouri Annual Conference
  5. “I will cut back on eating out, reduce shopping and decrease purchasing of certain items of not needed for now.”
        Gertude N., New York Annual Conference
  6. “I’ll cut back on sodas and snacks.”
        Koreen G., Northwest Texas Annual Conference
  7. “Honestly, we can easily do this. I am very fortunate. However, the reminder to do it is very helpful!”
        Ashley S., North Texas Annual Conference
  8. “I just paid off a debt, and I am utilizing those funds accounted for that which I was accustomed to.”
        Kevin L., Mississippi Annual Conference
  9. “I may cancel cable T.V. or part of a phone service... not exactly sure.”
        Shannon B., South Carolina Annual Conference
  10. “I stopped buying lunch out a long time ago but haven’t increased my UMPIP contribution. This will bring it up to about 10% of my salary.”
        Kimberly U., Florida Annual Conference
  11. “I will forego my daily caffeinated Pepsi every morning. Yay, healthier me!”
        Cheryl N., Minnesota Annual Conference
  12. “I will make it happen, with God's help. Then, in the new year, I will consider contributing even more. Thanks for the push!”
        Blair G., Greater New Jersey Annual Conference
  13. “I will revise and adhere to my monthly budget, reduce eating out expenses by 25%, and abstain from any unnecessary clothing purchases.”
        Megan B., Texas Annual Conference
  14. “I’ll pack a lunch and skip coffee bought out and make it at home.”
        William M., Mississippi Annual Conference
  15. “I’ll buy less coffee at Starbucks and order less on Amazon.”
        William G., Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
  16. “I will limit my Amazon purchases by the same amount.”
        Michele L., Rio Texas Annual Conference
  17. “I’ll make dinner at home—from scratch! It’ll be a stretch. I haven't cooked much in recent years, but still own a crock pot. :)”
        Cynthia Y., Minnesota Annual Conference
  18. “I will make my morning coffee at home instead of stopping by a coffee shop.”
        Steven F., Alaska Annual Conference
  19. “I’ll quit going to McDonalds for breakfast and/or lunch.”
        Carmen C., Michigan Annual Conference
  20. “I’ll reduce some of my other casual expenses.”
        Adam B., Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference
  21. “I plan to skip a daily fountain drink.”
        Anthony R., Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference
  22. “I’m skipping dessert!”
        David S., Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference
  23. “I’ll spend less.”
        William W., Greater New Jersey Annual Conference
  24. “Stop eating! Ha! Actually, I’ll reduce unnecessary Amazon purchases and skip sushi Wednesday for a while!”
        Layne M., Susquehanna Annual Conference
  25. “I’ll just tell my treasurer to increase my contribution.”
        David T., Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference
  26. “I will not buy a candy bar and coke at the convenience store when filling up with gas.”
        Gary G., Mississippi Annual Conference

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