Ethical Exclusions

Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) seeks to avoid investing in companies that produce and/or provide products and services that are not aligned with United Methodist values. Our six exclusions relate to: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, adult entertainment, weapons, gambling and privately-owned correctional facilities.

This investment approach reflects United Methodist concerns for human dignity, health and peace, and is well-documented in the Social Principles and in The Book of Resolutions.

Ethical Exclusions Guidelines

Wespath’s ethical exclusions guidelines, have been adopted by the board of directors and are reviewed periodically. All Wespath investment managers must abide by these guidelines unless an exemption is granted pursuant to Wespath’s Statement of Administrative Investment Policy.

2nd Quarter 2017 (data as of end-of-quarter)

Companies Ineligible for Purchase (PDF | Excel)

These companies have come to Wespath’s attention and have been deemed ineligible based on the Wespath ethical exclusions guidelines. Equities of other companies not included on this list may also be ineligible for purchase.

Holdings (PDF | Excel)

Equities of companies on the Holdings list are eligible for purchase unless marked as “no further purchase.” Equities of companies not appearing on the Holdings list or the Ineligible Companies list may be eligible for purchase subject to further research by Wespath.

Wespath also excludes companies under our Human Rights and Climate Change guidelines subject to our Management of Excessive Sustainability Risk policy. To see a list of companies excluded under our Human Rights guideline, click here. To see those excluded under our Climate Change guideline, click here.

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