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Whether you are 25 or 55, it’s important to know if you are on track for retirement. Benefits Access has the tools to help you plan and stay on track for retirement.

Benefits Access screen view of estimated retirement income

Retirement Readiness Tool

Your Retirement Projection summary is displayed on the Benefits Access home page.

This graphic shows your estimated retirement income for your Wespath plans, including inflation and estimated Social Security benefits at age 65. You can access the Retirement Readiness tool to update and customize your retirement goals by selecting the “Customize” link below the graph. Use this feature to add any retirement savings outside of Wespath and change age, housing costs and discretionary spending. You can print or save a PDF of your projection.

Retirement Benefits Projections

This tool is designed to help you project retirement benefits based on options you select—when you will begin receiving benefits, distribution options and other assumptions. The tool will walk you through your plans and personalized options. You can rerun your projection with different scenarios to compare. When you are ready, the tool will output a Personalized Retirement Benefits Projection Statement for you to review.

To access the Retirement Benefits Projection Tool from Benefits Access, select the Retirement tab at the top of the page, click on Accounts > Retirement Benefits Projection > Project Future Retirement Benefits and follow the prompts.

REMEMBER: The new and improved Benefits Access now has your retirement, health and well-being benefits all in one place. Log in or register today at

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