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Know Your Investment Resources:

5 Webpages to Bookmark!

Wespath’s Investments team helps fulfill our mission to care for those who serve by prudently managing your retirement assets. The team is always working to keep you informed by providing the resources you need to make informed financial decisions.

Bookmark these five webpages to stay in touch with the Investments team’s latest information:

1| News and Announcements
A landing page for the Investment Insights blog, as well as press releases, special commentaries and organizational updates.

2| Funds
The “home base” for information on each of the Wespath investment funds available to participants.

3| Fund Performance
A summary of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual investment performance.

4| Sustainable Investment
Provides an overview of our sustainable investing initiatives—includes links to information on our investment approach related to climate change and human rights, Wespath’s Positive Social Purpose Lending Program, and more.

5| Publications and Reports
Features links to our latest Sustainable Investment Report, Monthly Investment Report and other useful investor documents.

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