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image of person jumping from 2020 to 2021

New Year, New Possibilities

The year 2020 was one-of-a-kind. Our communities and families endured illness, loss and other hardships. Yet despite unprecedented challenges, many of us found new ways to be connected while staying apart. We used creative ways to worship, learn, work and celebrate.

With 2020 behind us, 2021 opens with possibilities. The dawn of a new year gives us a fresh slate. It’s a great time to “get your things in order.”

However you kickstart the new year, put your best foot forward. Being organized and trying new things can open the new year to a world of possibilities. And it can do wonders for your physical and emotional well-being! Below are a few quick ways to get started.

1) Strive toward your resolutions.
Start small. If you vowed to trim your TV time, for example, try calling a friend instead of grabbing the remote. If you pledged to pay off debt, stretch yourself to higher payments through winter and spring.

2) Schedule your wellness checkups and screenings.
If you postponed seeing the doctor, dentist or other provider during 2020, it’s time to schedule those appointments. Most healthcare providers are taking extra precautions to minimize coronavirus risk.

3) Make some ‘me’ time.
Think “new year, new habits.” If you’re someone who always puts others first, brainstorm ways to nurture your own needs. Take a morning walk. Do a 10-minute workout. Solve a crossword while the kids do homework. Ponder a daily inspiration or Scripture verse. Shake up dinner doldrums with new recipes. Listen to music. Dust off your tools and build something.

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