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Wespath recently launched its 3-Month, 1% Challenge. Clergy participants were encouraged to increase their personal contributions to the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) by 1% for the months of September, October and November.

Reverend Brandon Moore was beginning his first appointment in the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference when he decided to become one of the nearly 600 clergy who took us up on the challenge to work toward a better financial future.

“My wife and I were interested in [making UMPIP contributions],” said Rev. Moore, “but we weren't sure if we could financially swing it. We prayed for God to give us direction. When the challenge e-mail came, we knew it was God's way of encouraging us to do it.”

Rev. Moore was also inspired by other clergy. “A lot of peers encouraged me to join and participate.”

Rev. Moore and his wife are adjusting their entertainment spending to afford the UMPIP contributions. He says, “It actually won't affect our current budget all that much. We might see a movie or two less a month. Not too big of a deal, really.”

After the challenge is over, Rev. Moore will continue his UMPIP contributions and plans to find ways to increase his contributions. “Saving for retirement is investing in our future,” said Rev. Moore. “This plan will help us have what we need when we reach retirement age, so that we are not stressed about finances in our golden years.”

While the 1% Challenge has now closed, it’s still the perfect time to make a commitment to improving your financial future. You can change your UMPIP contribution percentage at any time by completing a Contribution Election form and returning it to your church, conference or employer.

Challenge yourself to increase your contributions today!

From the October 2019 issue of Hark!

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