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Ways to Maximize Your Time on Benefits Access

Benefits Access ( allows you to self-manage your retirement savings and investments—but did you know it also saves you time?

Action Where to Go Time Saved
Personal Information
Update your personal data with Wespath in seconds. You can notify us of changes to your address, phone number, e-mail address and more.
Profile > Update Contact Information Over Calling:
10 minutes
Beneficiary Updates
Beneficiary designations determine who receives your account balances when you die. You should periodically review them, and update them after life changes (e.g., birth/adoption of a child, marriage, changes to beneficiary contact information, divorce, death).
Profile > Manage Beneficiaries Over Calling:
25 minutes
Use the Benefits Projection Tools
The Retirement Benefits Projection, Retirement Readiness Tool and LifeStage Retirement Income Calculator are great for helping you see projected retirement benefits.
Learn > Choose an option under Retirement Projection Tools Over Calling:
25 minutes
Manage Investments
Change your investment allocation, rebalance your account or sign up for LifeStage Investment Management. You can even call EY and walk through the choices with them as they view your account remotely (with your permission).
Accounts > Choose an option under Investments Over Calling:
20 minutes
Apply for Retirement Benefits
The online application is the fast, easy and secure way to apply for benefits and manage distributions. It streamlines the process and customizes your application so you are only presented with relevant information and elections.
Click “Review & Manage Your Retirement Benefits” link on Summary page after logging in Over Calling:
1 hour
Access Your Statements and Tax Forms
View your quarterly statements, Hark newsletters and annual tax forms online. Plus, if you choose electronic delivery, you will receive an e-mail notification when your documents and transaction confirmations are available.
Profile > Manage Delivery Options Over Mail:
2 Days


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From the April 2019 issue of Hark!; updated June 2020

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