Current Funds Performance

Prices (as of 4/18/2019)

Fund Price Change YTD
ETFIF $11.3728 0.31% 4.33%
FIF $30.6631 0.14% 3.92%
IPF $17.4036 0.19% 3.63%
IEF $38.0206 -0.20% 15.92%
MAF $32.6378 0.02% 12.18%
STIF $12.6384 0.03% 0.92%
SVCBF $10.4304 0.18% 3.85%
SVCEF $13.6757 0.15% 15.33%
USEF $44.2374 0.08% 17.94%
USEIF $14.9667 0.13% 16.70%
USTPF $10.3554 0.33% 3.01%

Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) Fund Information

Historical Unit Prices

1 Unit values are posted to this site by 8:00 a.m., Central time.

2 The posted rate of return is from the prior pricing date. The return usually represents performance from day to day. However, in the event of holidays or nonbusiness days, the return that appears will be the performance from the most recent pricing date.

3 Rates of return reflect past performance and are no guarantee of comparable future results. The prices of Wespath investment funds will rise and fall with the value of the investments held in the funds. The units a participant owns may be worth more or less than their purchase price when redeemed. Investment results shown here are after all investment, administrative and custodial expenses.

4 Wespath prices the Stable Value Fund similar to a traditional money market fund: the price remains $1.00 with interest credited to participant accounts at the end of each month in the form of additional units. The current-year performance reflected above is as of most recent month end. Click here to check current crediting rate for the Stable Value Fund.

Wespath investment funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the government.

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