Focus Issue: Climate Change

Wespath Benefits and Investments (Wespath) has a separate page regarding climate change.

Focus Issue: Water Management

“Water cannot be monopolized or privatized. It is to be shared like air, light, and earth. It is God’s elemental provision for survival for all God’s children together on this planet.” (Resolution 1029 of The Book of Resolutions.)

According to UNESCO, approximately 90% of all water used annually is for agriculture and industry. Understandably, the Church encourages entities, corporations and communities to “commit to good water management.” Companies are encouraged “to provide funds and services to clean waters that they pollute.” (Resolution 1029 of The Book of Resolutions.)

Wespath encourages companies to conduct water assessments and to:

  • Implement water efficiency measures
  • Include water availability in the assessment of future operational sites
  • Examine the corporate supply chain for water risk
  • Publicly disclose the results of the company’s initiatives
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