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Live From Wespath: A Virtual UMC Event

April 10, 2024
Location: Online

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Wednesday, April 10, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central time

Live from Wespath Recordings are Available.

This no-cost virtual event exclusively for UMC clergy and lay features information and insights from Wespath about General Conference, investments, benefits and well-being to help you better navigate your daily life and the general UMC environment.


11:00 a.m., Central time, Event Kickoff and Segment 1

Message from Andy Hendren, Wespath CEO and General Secretary

Our World—An Update on Your Investments, Financial Markets and the Economy

A Conversation on Finances and the Future
Dave Zellner, Chief Investment Officer
Johara Farhadieh, Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Kate Tallo, Executive Assistant
Kate, Dave and Johara will discuss Johara stepping into the CIO role later this year and highlight Wespath’s retirement program priorities for today and the long term.

Investment Update and Outlook
Ryan McQueeney, Manager, Investments Marketing and Communications
Frank Holsteen, Managing Director, Investment Management
Connie Christian, Manager, Fixed Income
Amy Bulger, Director, Private Markets
Learn about the market and economic factors impacting your retirement portfolio, and what to expect in 2024.

Driving Change through Shareholder Engagement
Ryan Nilsson, Communications Content Manager, Investments
Lucas Schoeppner, Manager, Sustainable Investment Stewardship
Shareholder engagement is a tool Wespath uses to drive progress on sustainability issues we have a moral and financial imperative to address. This session will focus on our recent efforts.

12:30 p.m., Central time, Segment 2

The Church World—An Update on General Conference,
Clergy Well-Being and UMC Disaffiliation

Insights Ahead of General Conference
Dale Jones, Managing Director, Church Relations
Lynn Hammell, Client Relationship Manager, Plan Sponsor Relations
Learn about the key pieces of legislation submitted to General Conference by Wespath, and any implications for your benefit plans.

Let's Talk About Clergy Well-Being
Christina Bello, Communications Content Manager
Kelly Wittich, Director, Health and Well-Being
Clergy well-being is critical to the future mission of the UMC. We’ll discuss how clergy fare across all five Dimensions of Well-Being and share the efforts of Wespath and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry to collaborate with church leaders in fostering positive change for clergy.

Helping Clergy of Color Thrive
Cynthia Dopke, Manager, Church Relations
Rev. Dorlimar Lebron, Connectional Relations Manager
The Clergy Financial Well-Being Initiative has partnered with Gammon Theological Seminary to research the impact of the pandemic on UMC Clergy of Color. In this session, learn how this research is helping to inform funding opportunities and partnerships to support affected clergy.

Moving On from Disaffiliations
Dale Jones, Managing Director, Church Relations
Rev. Dorlimar Lebron, Connectional Relations Manager
Tune in for a final overview on the impact of church and clergy disaffiliations—and how the UMC is moving forward.

2:00 p.m., Central time, Segment 3

Your World—An Update on the Proposed Clergy Retirement Plan
and HealthFlex's Care Coordination Program

Compass on Day One—What You Need to Know
Fred Hyland, Managing Director, Actuarial
Kim Olson, Director, Retirement Plans
Fred and Kim will address frequently asked questions about Wespath’s Compass proposal and its impact for clergy participants going forward.

How Can Care Coordination Improve Your Health Care Experience?
Nikki Landing, Vendor Relations Manager, Benefit Plans
Kelly Wittich, Director, Health and Well-Being
Learn why over 3000 HealthFlex participants and dependents connected with a Care Coordinator in the first two months of 2024. We will discuss how this new service can help you get the most from your health care benefits.