Wellness Navigators/Ambassadors Network

United Methodist annual conferences have many mission and ministry initiatives vying for their time and attention. Healthy leaders and congregations are essential to the success of these ministries, so annual conferences are encouraged to have a leader devoted to population health, just as they would have leaders devoted to other ministry initiatives. To allow best wellness practices to be shared between conferences, the Center for Health is building a Wellness Navigators/Ambassadors Network, beginning in 2012. This is a new initiative and may not be available in all conferences. If you would like to be involved in conference wellness activities, please notify your cabinet or conference office.

Designed in partnership with annual conferences, the Wellness Navigators/Ambassadors Network promotes, implements and monitors key wellness strategies and activities, selected by annual conferences to promote the health of its leaders and congregations. Each conference’s network of Wellness Navigators (WNs) and Wellness Ambassadors (WAs) reflects the conference’s own wellness priorities and structure—serving as a local health and wellness resource to engage participants in health and wellness practices and make wellness as a priority alongside ministry initiatives. Guidance, tools and information will be provided by the Center for Health to assist all Networks in their wellness activities and initiatives and to connect WNs and WAs across the denomination.

Read more about the Wellness Navigators/Ambassadors Network, including the steps to get started in your conference and guidelines for both the WNs and WAs.

How to Become a Wellness Navigator/Wellness Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming a Wellness Navigator or Wellness Ambassador? Since not all annual conferences currently have a Wellness Navigators/Ambassadors Network, we encourage you to share your interest and this brochure with your conference leadership. Please e-mail us your name, title, phone number, E-mail address and postal mail address. As the Center for Health works to expand this offering to new annual conferences, we will also share your interest with conference leadership.

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