Wespath’s Center for Health partners with Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange, one of the nation’s leading providers of health care solutions for Medicare-eligible retirees. The OneExchange program offers assistance in selecting Medicare supplemental health coverage for eligible retirees, spouses and certain disabled participants using individual Medicare supplement plan markets. OneExchange provides a portal to Medicare supplemental plans available from more than 90 health insurers (“carriers”) nationwide, as well as administration for tax-advantaged Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) from which retirees can pay their Medicare supplement premiums.

  • The OneExchange program allows flexibility for retirees to customize their Medicare supplement coverage to their own financial and health situations. Current UMC retirees and their spouses have selected hundreds of different plans that meet their individual needs.
  • The program also offers an opportunity for cost savings to participants and plan sponsors, as well as potentially greater sustainability of retiree medical benefits and potential to reduce retiree medical liabilities by offering a fixed contribution via HRA.
  • UMC annual conferences and employers can partner with the Center for Health to offer Medicare supplemental coverage through OneExchange. The Center for Health offers assistance with vendor management, implementation, communications and ongoing eligibility.
  • Through the Center for Health, UMC annual conferences and employers can adopt OneExchange for their Medicare-eligible population—even if they have not adopted HealthFlex for active clergy and lay employees.
  • Phone support from OneExchange licensed benefit advisers guides participants through individualized plan selection and enrollment, and provides ongoing support with related questions after enrollment.
  • As of 2017, more than 20 annual conferences and UMC employer groups sponsor OneExchange for their over 7,000 Medicare-eligible retirees and spouses.

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Contact Information

Plan Sponsors—1-866-249-7785


  • OneExchange—1-866-249-7785
  • Wespath Health Team—1-800-851-2201 (option 2)


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