UMC Health Assessment Findings

Wespath gathers aggregate (and confidential) health risk information on the more than 5,000 clergy in the HealthFlex plan annually. Prior study has indicated that these risks are consistent with clergy health risks across the UMC, regardless of health plan affiliation.

Nearly 80% of eligible clergy completed WebMD’s HealthQuotient health risk assessment in 2013. Aggregate results demonstrate that the top risk factors among clergy are unhealthy weight, elevated blood pressure, stress and poor diet. Additionally, blood sugar and cholesterol levels are above desired levels, putting the clergy population at a higher risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

This risk distribution underscores the importance of providing programs, information, and Church-wide interventions to address these risk factors that jeopardize the health and vitality of UMC clergy.

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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a serious condition in which several health risk factors often occur together. Metabolic syndrome is associated with much higher risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which can result in heart attack, stroke and other serious health issues.

The American Heart Association identifies metabolic syndrome as the presence of three or more of the following risk factors (or needing medication to control these risk factors):

  • Triglycerides: 150 mg/dL or more
  • Cholesterol: Low HDL “good” cholesterol levels;
    Men: Less than 40 mg/dL
    Women: Less than 50 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure: 130/85 mm Hg or higher
  • Glucose: 100 mg/dL or more
  • Waist circumference:
    Men: More than 40 inches
    Women: More than 35 inches

Data from the 2012 HealthQuotient demonstrates that 27.5% of the population covered by HealthFlex meets the criteria for metabolic syndrome. This is concerning, given the increased risk of the more serious health consequences often associated with metabolic syndrome.

assessment findings 02

From 2012 HealthQuotient n=8,668

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