Tools for a Better Well-Being Webinar Series

The Tools for a Better Well-Being Webinar Series is an inter-agency collaboration between Wespath and General Commission on the Status and Role of Women to provide church leaders tools to improve well-being and enhance vitality for mission and ministry.

What Do You Need to Know about Pre-Diabetes?

This interactive webinar helps participants understand the diagnosis of pre-diabetes and steps to take to reverse it.

View the pre-diabetes webinar presentation slides.


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Manage Your Screen Time, Manage Your Life!

This interactive webinar will help you understand screen time and its effects on your physical, social and emotional well-being.

View the screen time webinar presentation slides.


Pastoral Visits—Are You Carrying More than Comfort?

This interactive webinar provides helpful tips and hints to avoid spreading germs when making pastoral visits in homes, hospitals and nursing homes.


Understanding Anxiety and Depression

This interactive webinar will help identify signs and symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Learn helpful hints and tools available that can help with these conditions.


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