Virgin Pulse Program Results

A healthier Church and happier, more energetic participants are an important outcome of the Virgin Pulse activity program. However, the program has also demonstrated a positive relationship between participation and lower health care costs and lower cost trends. This exemplifies important financial stewardship of the resources of the Church.

Comparison of “average allowed medical costs” for Virgin Pulse participants from 2012-2015 showed the following:

  • Highest costs and highest claims trend for those not participating in Virgin Pulse or are inactive
  • Lowest costs and lowest claims trend for those enrolled and active in Virgin Pulse (high active and active groups)

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Based on HealthFlex medical claims data and Virgin Pulse participation data.

Virgin Pulse Program Participation in the UMC

Over 75% of United Methodist annual conferences sponsor the Virgin Pulse physical activity program—either through HealthFlex or on its own as a wellness program. All conferences that sponsor Virgin Pulse include active clergy and their spouses. Some groups also include retirees and conference- or church-employed laity. When retired participants are removed from participation analyses, over 60% of those eligible to participate are enrolled in Virgin Pulse, with almost half uploading HealthMiles regularly.

  HealthFlex Outside of HealthFlex Total
Annual Conferences Participating 31 15 46
Other UM-Organizations 3 0 3
Number Eligible 21,559 14,113 35,762
Percent Enrolled 11,118
Percent of Enrolled Uploading Regularly 54% 54% 54%


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Note: Virgin Pulse was named Virgin HealthMiles prior to October 2013.

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