HealthFlex offers health plan benefits and well-being programs to more than 8,000 clergy and lay participants, as well as their family members. Beyond providing health insurance coverage, HealthFlex is an integrated, well-being-driven program that supports healthier lifestyles.

  • Well-established—30 plan sponsors (nearly half of The United Methodist Church (UMC) annual conferences, plus non-conference UMC employers)
  • Stable—With pooling of high-cost claims and comprehensive well-being programming, HealthFlex consistently offers year-over-year rate stability (rate increases at or below industry levels despite higher-than-average age and chronic condition prevalence). It also provides a unique opportunity for UMC organizations to take advantage of benefits traditionally experienced only by jumbo employers.
  • Flexible—Plan sponsors can choose between the traditional and HealthFlex Exchange models, adjusting contributions and default plans annually.
  • Well-being-focused—Comprehensive well-being programs and incentives encourage plan participants to know their health risks and take action to manage or improve them. Our well-being programs have been recognized for multiple years with the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award from the National Business Group on Health.

HealthFlex is available to annual conferences and UMC-affiliated organizations with 100 or more employees. Please contact your conference/plan sponsor liaison for more information.

HealthFlex Participants: Log into HealthFlex/WebMD for personalized benefits information and links to HealthFlex well-being resources.

UMC Plan Sponsors: View the HealthFlex Potential Plan Sponsor Brochure and the HealthFlex vendor list to learn more about offering HealthFlex (including HealthFlex Exchange) for clergy and lay employees.

Medicare Supplement: Health coverage for Medicare-eligible population: Read about our partnership with Via BenefitsTM.

HealthFlex Exchange

HealthFlex Exchange is a plan selection model that offers cost control for plan sponsors and flexibility for participants. Participants may choose from all available HealthFlex plans (six medical/pharmacy, three dental, three vision plans)—with the same carriers, provider networks and well-being programs that all HealthFlex programs share. HealthFlex Exchange uses a premium credit (fixed dollar amount defined by each plan sponsor) to help conferences/employers control their share of health coverage costs. Wespath provides comprehensive training and decision support tools for HealthFlex Exchange participants and plan sponsors.

Video: How to Check Your Wellness Points on the HealthFlex WebMD Website

Video: HealthFlex Exchange: Tips for Making the Best Choice for You

Video: How to Register for the HealthFlex WebMD Website

Video: Using the HealthFlex WebMD Website


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Plan Sponsors—For information about offering HealthFlex to clergy or lay employees, call 1-800-851-2201 (option 3).

Participants—If you’re already in HealthFlex and have questions, call the Health Team at 1-800-851-2201 (option 2).

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