Health and Well-Being Information

Health and Well-Being: Our Focus

Wespath focuses on improving five dimensions of well-beingphysical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial—for clergy and lay workers of The United Methodist Church (UMC) and their families. Our multi-dimensional health and wellness focus is specific to the UMC population, its needs, structure and processes.

Offerings include: health and welfare plans, an interactive website, health trends and research, educational opportunities, and the United Methodist Church Health Ministry Network (UMCHMN).

Wellness in Action
Videos and Stories

Stories lifting up wellness successes for United Methodist clergy, lay workers, and organizations on their quest to improve health and well-being.

Well-Being the Wesley Way

Deskercise videos and stretch break videos.

Well-Being Resources

We help you do a little better every day, with resources that support each of the five dimensions of well-being. Wespath provides you programs and resources that improve your overall well-being.

Dimensions Newsletter

The Dimensions Newsletter supports your path to well-being with useful personal wellness information. Also included are printable wellness bulletins for you to share with your congregation or other group.

Wellness Toolkits

Educational resources on topics such as prediabetes to help you and those you care about achieve the best possible well-being. Find handouts, FAQs, e-mail communication pieces and more that you can print and share with your congregations or other groups. Look for additional topics coming soon!

Webinars/Workshop Support

Wesapth offers support to UMC entities hosting events promoting health and well-being for clergy, lay workers and their families. Several recorded webinars conducted in collaboration with other UMC agencies are also available for viewing.

Congregational Resources

Resources for fostering healthy churches and congregations, including resources for developing health ministries and parish nursing.

Healthy You... Healthy UMC Brochure

For additional information about Wespath's health and well-being initiatives please read our brochure.

Let Us Know

Our website, programs and offerings are constantly evolving. Let us know what works, what does not and what new content you would like to see on this site at Thank you for your feedback and continued support of denomination-wide clergy and lay worker health.

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