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Caring for Our World—Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investments

Wespath’s values-driven investment work strives to deliver strong financial returns for our participants and investors, while making a positive impact on the world. Our General Conference petition on sustainable and socially responsible investments supports Wespath’s fiduciary responsibility to participants and Methodist organizations (per The Book of Discipline ¶1504.14) while investing in ways that help build a more sustainable global economy for the future. Our petition (Petition 20982-GA):

  • Emphasizes the need for ambitious shareholder engagement and stewardship—rather than solely exclusion/divestment—as part of multi-faceted advocacy for policies and practices consistent with the UMC's Social Principles, especially related to human rights, climate risk and environmental protection.
  • Expands socially responsible investment efforts beyond corporations by adding engagement with government leaders and policymakers regarding conflicted world regions.

Sustainable Investments: From Andy Hendren's Interview with "Emily Explains"

Divestment and Exclusions document cover image

A Closer Look: Divestment and Exclusions

A summary of Wespath's recent corporate engagement and divestment activities.

A Closer Look: Engagement and Exclusions

Shareholder Engagement Video