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Shifting International Balance—Regionalization

The UMC is growing around the world in Africa and the Philippines, while is shrinks in the U.S. Within a few years, the majority of United Methodists are expected to live outside the U.S. This shift enhances the Connection’s diversity of cultures, perspectives and socioeconomic circumstances. But it also amplifies the need for nation/region-based decision-making for certain benefit plans and other policies that do not affect the entire Connection. Learn more about proposals for regionalization.

Wespath has not submitted regionalization proposals but supports legislation submitted by others which would create a U.S.-based governance body for addressing U.S.-only matters, including proposals from the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters, the U.S. Regional Conference proposal (Connectional Table’s petition) and the Christmas Covenant proposal.

Regionalization: From Andy Hendren's Interview with "Emily Explains"