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Caring for those who serve—Sustainable Benefits

Wespath's General Conference petitions on benefit plans share two key objectives:

  • Helping clergy and lay employees live comfortably throughout their active employment and retirement; and
  • Enabling long-term stability of UMC benefit plans for future generations.

Our proposal for a new retirement plan for U.S. clergy—the Compass plan—is designed for a U.S. church that has been getting smaller for many years (Petition 20946-FA). Compass is designed to increase plan sustainability, provide adequate income in retirement for clergy, be affordable for local churches and annual conferences, be equitable and fair across different pay levels, and give clergy flexibility and portability.

Compass Plan Overview—UM News April 17, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions about the Compass Plan

Overview of Compass Petition: From Andy Hendren's Interview with "Emily Explains"

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Compass Plan for Clergy

Compass Plan for Clergy

Compass is Wespath's new clergy retirement plan.

About Compass 

Wespath's new retirement plan prioritizes adequate income throughout retirement, long-term plan sustainability, affordability for churches and conferences, and equity and flexibility for UMC clergy.

Wespath's Andy Hendren on the Proposed Compass Plan