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This page provides links to all of Wespath's COVID-19/Coronavirus materials including a letter from the Chairperson of Wespath's Board of Directors and the General Secretary to participants, updates and a video from Wespath's Chief Investment Officer, retirement FAQs, health resources, congregational health information and links to important websites.

HealthFlex and Health-Related Resources


UPDATE: COVID-19 tests will be covered at 100% by both Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare.

UPDATE: Prescription drug refills through OptumRx

  • OptumRx will allow you and your covered dependents an early refill of prescription medications if there are refills remaining on file at a participating retail or mail-order pharmacy. You should contact your provider if you do not have any refills remaining.
  • The refill obtained will stay consistent with the standard days supply previously filled as allowed by your plan (e.g., 30 or 90 day supply).

UPDATE: Telephonic/virtual support

Wespath will waive the cost of MDLIVE telemedicine service for the next 90 days (mid-June). Please call your provider or use MDLIVE during this time to confirm if COVID-19 testing is necessary. The CDC recommends that you call your provider before seeking in person services. Call MDLive at (888) 750-4991 or visit

EAP Counseling

Don’t forget, HealthFlex offers up to 8 visits of virtual EAP counseling at no cost to you and your covered dependents. We encourage you to reach out and talk to someone if you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Optum Public Crisis Line - 866-342-6892, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This number is free of charge and available to anyone, so you can share it with family and friends. Caring professionals will connect people to resources. Visit Optum online.

UPDATE: Dependent care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) changes

If your dependent care needs have changed such that you no longer believe you will spend your full election and/or you need additional funds for dependent care, please contact your plan sponsor and/or the Wespath Health Team to determine whether you may be able to update your election. Changes can only be made prospectively and you cannot reduce your election to less than you have already contributed.

UPDATE: Weight Watchers (WW)

All Weight Watchers (WW) workshops will transition to virtual workshops. Members will be contacted directly.

Coronavirus Facts

Coronavirus and What It Means from BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois
Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19): What you need to know from United HealthCare

Important Health Websites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)

Congregational Health Resources

CDC Resources for Community and Faith-Based Leaders
Get Your Community and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Pandemic Flu

General Congregational Guidelines

  • The same basic guidelines for preventing the spread of flu apply: frequent handwashing with soap and water, avoid touching your face, stay home if you are sick
  • If you or your children have had a fever or flu-like symptoms, please do not attend worship or other gatherings until after 24 hours without fever and without having taken fever-reducing medication
  • Place hand sanitizer in several convenient locations throughout the church facility
  • Ensure frequently touched surfaces in the church are wiped down regularly with disinfectant
  • Post worship recordings online
  • Ensure members are aware of electronic/digital giving opportunities in lieu of in-person giving


  • In place of passing an offering plate, baskets for offerings can be placed at entry points
  • Invite attendees to go to one of these “offering stations” during special music

Holy Communion

  • For congregations who are still holding in-person worship, current CDC recommendation is to not serve Holy Communion in any form at this time.