Retirement and Investment Services



Benefits Access

Benefits Access is the participant account management website that provides:

  • Secure access to account information
  • The Retirement Readiness Tool and Retirement Benefits Projection for projecting retirement benefits, and related educational resources
  • Online investment management and distribution application
  • Beneficiary designation filing, loan modelling and applications, and contact information updating

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LifeStage Solution Suite

LifeStage Investment Management develops a customized target investment mix based on key personal information, including age, risk tolerance and qualification for Social Security benefits.

LifeStage Retirement Income turns defined contribution accounts into monthly payments that are designed to last your lifetime and adjust with the cost of living.

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EY Financial Planning Services

EY Financial Planning Services offer confidential financial planning assistance to active participants and surviving spouses with an account balance, and terminated and retired participants with an account balance of at least $10,000.

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