Wespath Health and Well-Being Videos


2019 Clergy Well-Being Survey Results
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This video describes and explains and the results for the 2019 Clergy Well-Being Survey.
Wespath's Wellness in Action Videos
Wespath's Wellness in Action videos present stories lifting up wellness successes for United Methodist clergy, lay workers, and organizations on their quest to improve health and well-being.
Health Savings Account (HSA) Testimonial Video
HSA Testimonial Video image
This video explains what health savings accounts (HSAs) are and how they work. In addition, two HealthFlex participants provide testimonials about how a HSA was a good choice for them based on their medical and financial situations.
Virgin Pulse Overview Video
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Welcome to Virgin Pulse—the program that rewards you for taking steps toward better health! Watch our short video to find out how you can take the first step on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
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Heart of the Matter Webinar Series
Heart of the Matter Webinar Series logo
The Heart of the Matter webinar series addresses multiple topics to help guide participants toward optimal health in all dimensions.
Tools for a Better Well-Being Webinar Series
The Tools for a Better Well-Being Webinar Series provides church leaders tools to improve well-being and enhance vitality for mission and ministry. Topics include pre-diabetes, depression and managing your screen time.
Deskercise Videos
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Sitting at a desk or a computer all day can lead to desk fatigue. It is important to take breaks throughout the day. Desk exercises can help improve your well-being, saving you from potential musculoskeletal disorders.
2020 HealthFlex Exchange Videos
HealthFlex Exchange Videos 2020
This is a series of seven short videos on the HealthFlex Exchange plan selection model for health plans.
HealthFlex Exchange Overview
This overview of HealthFlex Exchange describes how the program offers the same quality HealthFlex plans, broad national provider networks, and wholistic well-being programs and incentives available to all HealthFlex participants.
Stretch Break Videos
Stretch Break Video Image  
An unfortunate consequence of meetings is we spend most of the time while attending them stationary and our bodies need to move. Stretch breaks help improve brain clarity and blood flow. Add activity to any meeting with one of these two stretch break videos.
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