LifeStage Suite Retirement Planning Support

Wespath’s LifeStage suite of services can help you plan like a financial expert:

  • During your career, LifeStage Investment Management manages the savings you’ve invested in Wespath-administered retirement plans.
  • Throughout retirement, LifeStage Retirement Income manages distributions from your Wespath-administered retirement accounts.

LifeStage Retirement Income issues monthly payments from your defined contribution accounts. These payments are designed to last for your lifetime and they adjust annually to account for changes in inflation, your age and your remaining account balance.

Plus, with LifeStage Retirement Income, your money remains invested with Wespath, preserving your access to comprehensive financial guidance through EY Financial Planning Services, investment fund options that are aligned with the Church’s Social Principles, sustainable investment activities and the clergy housing allowance.

Try the LifeStage Retirement Income Calculator to help determine how much distributions would be with LifeStage Retirement Income (log in to and select Take Action > Project Future Values > Calculate LifeStage Retirement Income). Also consider taking advantage of the financial guidance available from EY (1-800-360-2539) to determine whether LifeStage is right for you.

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From the July 2018 issue of Hark!

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