Current Funds Performance

The most recent unit price, price change and current year performance for the Wespath investment funds.

Historical Funds Performance

Prior quarter, one-year, two-year and performance-since-inception for the Wespath investment funds.

Monthly Investment Report

The Monthly Investment Report examines recent events that impacted the financial markets and provides a snapshot of Wespath’s monthly investment performance.


Important Information for Participants Self-Directing Investments: If you self-direct your Wespath-administered retirement investments, please read this important information.

Prices (as of 5/26/2017)

Fund Price Change YTD
IPF $16.7251 0.14% 1.73%
FIF $29.0950 0.05% 3.92%
ETFIF $10.7260 0.08% 3.53%
MAF $28.4435 0.01% 8.27%
USEF $35.7210 0.06% 7.94%
ESVPF $11.6339 -0.12% 10.00%
IEF $33.4423 -0.13% 14.78%



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