Through its multi-dimensional and UMC-oriented focus, the Center for Health offerings promote vitality in mission and ministry across five dimensions of health and well-beingphysical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial—for clergy and lay workers of The United Methodist Church and their families. This focus is critical as health lasts a lifetime and affects the whole connection: family, congregation, community and the Church itself.


This mission is centered on Four Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Strategic Consultation and Partnership Opportunities
    • Needs assessment for population health management
    • Health plan and wellness program design
    • Leadership consultation, strategy development, implementation and communication
    Health care reform
  2. Plans, Programs and Information
    Health and welfare benefit plans
    Comprehensive and trusted health and wellness information
    Workshop resources, instructional models and educational materials tailored by clergy career stage, gender, health condition and risk factors
    Best-in-class wellness program offerings
  3. Monitoring and Assessment
    • Long-term clergy health status
    • Periodic health assessments, follow-up and reporting
    • Program efficacy
    • Plan sponsor surveys
  4. Connectional Collaboration/UMC Relationships
    • Annual Conferences
    UMC Health Ministry Network
    • General Agencies—General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, General Board of Discipleship and the General Commission on the Status of Women

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